The Voting has ended!

All members shall start to fix there tags to [SRC]Rank… but the SERC’s motto shall survive…

“We march into the darkness… into the light we hold the sun!”

Β We are still the regiment!

Always the protection!

Always the service!

Always… SERC…


Today’s Priority…

  2. If Jason (under extensive spying and tracking) is NOT a corrupt Jerk… then we will help you… if he IS a Corrupt Jerk… then SRC or SERC will stay neutral… if he is even worse then we except… we will take him down BUT NOT AID GSA…. This means we need a guy to interview him and keep watch on him to see if hes not a jerk… IN A WAY HE WON’T SUSPECT!!!

On a side not the voting has been reduced to next Monday… so vote now… OR PERISH! πŸ˜€

Posts deleted because:

  • Room needed for voting
  • We settled it
  • I was getting annoyed of it…

In other news SRC vote is at an all time high followed by the new SERC and the others haven’t been voted on… so Ezio your ISB name is safe πŸ˜€