Dates and News


The 4th: wont be here Concert; SRC B Day

The 7th and 8th: Celebration 😀

The 17th: won’t be here Concert


  • New Guest Hunters has been found… will last 2 months before PB2.5 (No Guests in PB2.5)
  • New ally the INE Indigo-Natoian Empire:
  • PARTY on the 7th and 8th for SRC Birthday 😀



New games?

Alright guys I’m thinking of changing SRC from only being a PB2 game to a multi-gaming clan

Voting will end on 1st January, 12:00am

*This poll is now finished and by the looks of it we will be moving into other games*

New Chat


We are now using a more secure chat then…

You might know the site already… the name of it is Discord…

2 sections: 

Public) Civilians and normal people.. members allowed

Src) Members only…

have fun!

New Member + News (should I just keep doing the posts like this???)

Hello! Today’s new member is a guy named Kyle! 

*Whispering in the background*


Today’s new member is a guy named Kololek! 

Sorry about that!

Anyway he’s a DF member and I know what your thinking… were allied to MMC so we can’t let in DF members…

Welp… Your wrong…

EVERYONE except the following people are welcomed to SRC:

  • Trolls
  • Bullies
  • Guest/Other Language Haters

So get used to this… if you hate any SRC member… yes i’m talking to you… then suck it up or go take your anger out on something (not someone!) else….


Now in other news it seems that the GH/GR and Striker has gone inactive… keep up your guard however. Things can get dangerous very quick…

Also on a side note here are next weeks orders:

  • NouneHelp people in need
  • Be Alert
  • And have a good time here in SRC!



Member + Other News

Charis Ghost is in SRC now!


(Making a post every time we have a new member :D)

Also if you happen to see ARMED Dark Galaxy Knights [DGK] members shoot them immediately… We are now going to stop DGK in its tracks for annoying some of our members and allies… also they want to take down PB2.


List of threats to PB2 (Not in order!):



Guest Regime

Guest Hunters


Have a good day!


The Fractured Nations Protocol is now Active

We have got a lot of threats that may start the 3rd Pb2 war. This is not a roleplay anymore. 

First of all I will tell you all the threats…

1. GAs sightings and bases in server 1 along with some former GRs.

2. Striker and his men nuking things in server 3 and working on a project named Omega.

3. GHs returning back into Pb2. Also, commander dipstick has came back along with eternal.

4. Rebels rising up in server 1 and 3. Attacking bases randomly and nuking things.

5. Only one server (2) is peaceful but with low population and is deemed to be attacked by GH, GAs and GRs or even Striker with his so called “elite assassins”.

As for the response we made two new protocols after I discussed with Noune and fish.

Protocol 803 – Fractured Nations : It will be the protocol we will use from “tomorrow” (yes, you are right) to prevent 3rd Pb2 war from starting as it will make only chaos and people will retire due to tensions. As a result, we made this protocol.


1. Start establishing territories in all servers.

2. Destroy any Rebel, GA, GR or GHs territories you seen in any servers. Also destroy Strikers hideouts.

3. Kill striker and his men if you see them.

4. Try to fend off all the rebels as you take on the servers.

Second Protocol is classified and will be used if we fail to prevent the 3rd Pb2 war.