To all still living SRC members, just letting you know we aren’t dead…

Also kill to stop cancer is coming up soon in February 16


The SRC hasnt been that active in PB2, so…


Yes, you probably thought I would say that the SRC is dead screw it.

But I still have hopes for this organization.

So find a proper game for the SRC…




New Members!

Welcome Civil Security Terminator and Airborne2018 into the clan!

I’m also making this post to say that we are alive, and will make an effort to stay that way!

Operation Blackbird

This Project will be active in August so we will be able to get new and active members.

We are currently going to be preparing for the all out war that happens at the beginning of EVERY year.

A word for the wise:

There are people who are trying to make this community better then what it is today, and because of this post and others, people are losing faith in Plazma Burst 2, thus destroying the community even more.
If how their acting and how some pessimistics view their actions continue, the PB2 Community will surely perish.
I am asking for users and viewers alike to find a moderate between moron and assertive, optimistic and pessimistic.

Guest electric Fish’s Speech… dont make it his last

guest-electric fishToday at 11:14 AM

these are my notes which i have wrote and i want to share and give them to all my friends

first of all i would like to warn that dont insult or hate me for these notes

they are everything which i collected

anyway my 1st topic is about clans.That’s right i will talk about clans

clans have played a huge part in games but today clans are always in hacks,nukes and more dangerous things.even the real slayer agrees with that(edited)

first clan i saw was BoZ a clan with big members

they know how to lead it

but they need only pros and their apply is hard

plus it is hard to find the real BoZ members(edited)

second clan is Delta Force.a great clan but somehow juan the red didnt promote many members and he left them which is unknown what it will happen

GSA is a clan which they are known to many users but they kill a lot

Upper Heaven threats all like pets

GFNE is not good

DLN is a clan which always call others faggots and gay and they track ip

SRC,plazma republic and imperial legion are a great clans to join

why ? they arent radicals(edited)

other clans are good but they need hard work.MMC which blackbird ruled was on army and in war.GCS has many but not active.NSU same but they need more allies.however i noticed that many clans are based in army(edited)

after talk about clans it is time to talk about guests

guests arent items dear bastard guest haters

guests are humans too

we should not threat them like we own them

because guests can help you a lot

but some jerks deny that because they were guests according to hikarlkaze

but they were scared

because all will hate them

and they register and they turned to guest haters to disable their past

you wanna know what is their goal


and after ?


and then ?


guests who hack or kill without reason must be killed

not the inocent

and why you don’t help us ? scared

or maybe u are in the fear ?

guests are an unique feature in a game

which without it there is no fun

for me and my clan a guest is a good person

but for others guests are for them noobs

they will understand the real meaning of guest when they will see them disabled

after talk about guests which they are important i talk about users

users are good too

but some are evil

why ?

they were good once

but they didnt had friends or any boyfriend/girlfriend(edited)

and they started to become evil to hurt others

who aren’t guilty

and they threat to hack(which it is the worst punishment)

and they think that they heal their sins

but that is bullshit

they will turn to ugly monsters who eat and chew enemies

your solution is to make them understand

and even they threat you

you do your job

i have noticed that my friends are mock me

not the good one who love me

another note is the sex maniacs

sex is common in human nature

but in pb2 is rule break

staff are trying to stop them

guest-electric fishToday at 12:00 PM

and they fail

which result is that they still do that

i asked that question “i want your opinion right now many users have ignored pb2 rules and they always create or join inappropriate matches and they think that this game is either adult game either dating website.pb2 staff even they try to nuke them and warn them they still ignore them.do you think that Eric gurt or admins should give stricter rules about that ?”

some said yes

some no

some didnt respond

my respond is that they should be

because that will end that issue

but some will disagree

some will annoy you to not do that


i dont care

sex matches must end

and along side with dating

cmon this aint a date website(edited)

because they can be many kids

and you can get in trouble

another thing is about staff

staff are great but

there staff who arent help

or support guests

doomwrath thinks that there should disable guests

but he is a big liar

before data lost he loved guests

staff should had been more helpful not ignorant staff

because if they dont care someday they will see chaos

and they will be guilty

another subject is about corruption.there is a lot corruption and no one cares about that.staff need lighthot while users are blame each other

for 4 years that is the true

but staff refuse to help

which it is the 100% reason why many leave pb2

if i were staff i would stop it but staff hate those who are good and they prefer the people who are cooler than a usual

approved matches and ranked matches are places where their hunger for kills are there and the ragers try to get promoted

but whenever they fail they farm or they camp a lot

it is advisable to play fair

last topic is the map making.it is a cool feature but some are not make good maps and sometimes they cant due they dont know.there should be a guide to help

forums arent issue at all

racism goes with corruption

nuking goes with bad users

and the other issues are just small problems which they can solved

my conclusion of my notes are that

pb2 has so many problems that no one tried to solve them

and staff failed to do that

and those who try to help are always enter the dark side

because they are booed by many

and they are scared due they will get either hacked

either due they will never get laid

either due they will not get friends

if any admin,head moderator,moderator and support of pb2 read that please don’t blame me for that.i said my opinion

if any users read that always know that these notes will help you to get what i passed in this tragic journey

and dont throw shits on me

because i am not like a dumb

but i tried

if you mr eric gurt read that please either stop pb2.5 or any game and help these game either if you can’t make better rules

to make a prefect game

any random who got or gained that please try to respect

i am one of those users who was trying to fight for good

and i never turned to evil

because i have a heart

i protect my friends

i never hurt people

i attack those who hurt

with a huge love and with a huge respect guest-electric fish a hero who was there for you

and even i was a weirdo

i tried all

thank you all

Β and i hope that when you released that
you will wake up
and you will see that all the lies you heard was a dream
goodbye again
and i hope that i will not be forgotten

Where not dead… honest… + News

Just making a post to say that we aren’t dead, and also….


I really mean it… If you don’t recruit I will start Inquisition… and you don’t want it…


Oh wait… now you do…. great….


anyways on to the News…

  • Imperial officals blocked several Hyper-Lanes today after a report of Shadow Syndicate AKA Nightchurch AKA SoE activity…
  • United Federation Archaeologists seek help from any soldier who is willing the escort them into Stoan Insurgent territory in order to study ancient ruins left by some old civilization. 3000 Credits per hour, if you live that long..
  • Several Vesuvian archives have been found on Terrabis after a farmer’s son accidentally dug a well near a nearby ruin… However this ruin is dated to be earlier then this archive… so maybe something or some else made the ruin?


  • DLN is hosting elections for it’s next president. It’s a close race between no one and no one. Once candidates show up, SRC is urged to vote.
  • New Imperial Region membership is now accessible and recommendations are wanted by veteran members.


Should SRC remain in Itami

Reason for this poll: Itami leader Blackbird had recently said asked if I wanted to lead Itami, which I said yes to:



However a couple weeks later he says he has no remembrance of this occasion:


So should SRC remain in Itami?

That I leave up to the people πŸ˜€