Laws of SRC

Major Rules

Article 1: all members will have to have their SRC tag and rank

Article 2: If there is a SRC embassy or base on the list then go to it. If there  is no SRC operative or Allied Clan there “-ping 10” the place so it will not fall into enemy hands.

Article 3: Stay at your post at all times unless ordered not to or you die.


Article 5: kill responsibly

Laws for Diplomacy:

Article 1: Do not swear at any negations or meetings

Article 2: Kill when needed do not kill unless trolled, annoyed, killed or there’s a traitor.

Article 3: defend the clan you’re aiding until the last man standing.

Article 4: Defense is a better offence.

Laws for Spying:

Article 1: make them trust you

Article 2: don’t tell them your part of SRC and don’t tell them you’re a spy

Article 3: If found out kill the nearest enemy and leave.

Article 4: Don’t infiltrate any clans Allied to us.

Laws for Combat:

Article 1: Go offencive in Battle

Article 2: When charging yell “FOR THE SENTINELS!” or “FOR THE SENTINEL’S GLORY!”

Article 3: you may go kamikaze on your enemy

Article 4: Never Surrender

Article 5: Protect the base

Other Laws (All optional except 1):

Article 1: Be alert at all times

Article 2: Plan retreats for SRC and send the idea’s to noune

Article 3: Make maps for SRC

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