Why was SRC founded?:

  • SRC was founded because it wanted to make and keep a certain order in PB2

How do I join SRC?:

  • Click the “Join” page in the menu and then fill out what is needed in the comments section below.

How can I be promoted?:

  • You can be promoted based on loyalty and experience in the clan. Also you will have an opportunity to rank up more then once in events…

How can I be a Watcher?:

  • You can only be a watcher if you have been in SRC for more then a week and you think you are loyal enough to be up to the task. Then, go to the page under “Members List” and fill out the form in the “What is a watcher?” Page

How can I be in the council?:

  • You will have to go threw ALL the ranks in order to join the council. ask the leader or Council member in order to join.