SRC is now an Itami division… who I have now inherited from Blackbird… however the SRC tag shall stay as it is with ranks and such… It shall be sentinels as a “guard” of Itami and the games it’s in… it shall have its own representation and say along with the other divisions. Waso123 will be the division leader, and with your support, Itami and its divisions shall bring a new age in not only the clan, but in the gaming world. 

Noune Ceroka

Founder and Leader of the SRC

Leader of Itami

and hoping for a great future to come…

Today’s News

Plane 1:

  • The empire has fallen! Imperial troops have scattered after an aggressive attack from the Stoan Empire. The SE is now starting to conquer Imperial remnants and even human colonies among the United Federation of Systems. Sources from inside the SE have reported a surprising goal: the conquering of the entire dimensional stream. Starron Trent’s corpse has still not been found.
  •   Dimension 54 has been experiencing complete silence from their empires (The Gestahlian Empire, The Garlean Empire, The Arcadian Empire, and The Shinra Company) which has been a blessing for the dimension, yet Stoan scouts have been reported in Eorzea’s Gridania. This doesn’t look good.


  •  SRC has a new colony in Good Game Empires, It has also allied itself with the UH colony there. So lets hope it continues to thrive!
  • Itami to be an MMC division once MMC is rebuilt. Lets hope it stays that way if Blackbird has changed like he said.
  • GSA to have their first reformation of the year today, fixing, deleting and creating laws and etc.


  • NIR NEEDS YOU!!! Join the Alliance and aid the fight for equality, rights, and justice in PB2!
  • Octavain Industries… Always doing better… (Call 555-555-5555 to schedule an appointment today!)
  • Feeling like you don’t belong? Being picked on by others? Join the SRC today and join a clan that will give you a home!
  • Nuka-Cola… Its always better then Sunshine Sarsaparilla… 

Any suggestions?

We are now looking for games that could give this clan/faction/free company a home. What games should we move into?  Any games that need some order established or is good for a colony is suggested.